SHEI //Menswear Movement Fall 2014

from SHEI on YouTube.

SHEI Sneak Peak // Vintage Shoot

from SHEI on YouTube.

SHEI Sneak Peak // SHEI at Shinola

from SHEI on YouTube.

This is SHEI // Fall 2014

from SHEI on YouTube.

SHEI Magazine Styling Series // Verbana

Verbana from SHEI on YouTube.

SHEI Magazine Styling Series // Dear Golden Vintage

Dear Golden Vintage from SHEI on YouTube.

SHEI Magazine Styling Series // Lily Grace

Lily Grace from SHEI on YouTube.

SHEI Magazine Styling Series // Today Clothing

Today Clothing from from SHEI on YouTube.

SHEI Magazine Styling Series // Merit

Merit from SHEI on YouTube.

SHEI Magazine Styling Series // Bivouac

Bivouac from SHEI on YouTube.

SHEI // Fall 2012

Cinematography by Steve Coffey.

SHEI MAGAZINE///FALL 2012 from SHEI magazine on Vimeo.

You can take the girl out of Paris...

As fashion enthusiasts and Hollywood stalkers, we often focus on what is reported in the mainstream, and who is reported in the mainstream for that matter. I mean, it’s understandable when you think about it. Who even thinks about anything else when Kim Kardashian is nude and plastered all throughout Paper Magazine? Kristen Stewart had a nip slip the other n[...]

Fashion News: Zac Posen Debut's Engagement Rings and Fine Jewelry through Blue Nile

When you hear the name Zac Posen, a lot comes to mind. Like the fact that he's the designer of his own internationally renowned brand and the source from where all of the hottest stars get their extravagant gowns. There's also his presence as a judge on our television screens as he determines what is "in" and what is "out" for the hit show Project Runway. Th[...]

A Repertoire of Tradition

As the oldest club on campus, dating back to 1859, the Michigan Men’s Glee Club has had plenty of time over the years to perfect the countless traditions that have always been such a central aspect of the club’s presence on campus. The club’s traditions never fall short, no matter what aspect of the organization they are addressing. In their musical performa[...]

Kate Voegele at the Blind Pig

This Wednesday, eager fans braved the freezing night air to line up outside the Blind Pig. Bundled in sweaters and scarves, fans chattered excitedly about singer-songwriter, Kate Voegele, who was set to perform later that night. The line stretched far down the road, and once the doors opened the crowd rushed inside and clumped around the stage as they waited[...]

Live Review: Alt-J at the Fillmore

Two years have passed since we first encountered Alt-J’s own spectacular brand of indie music at the Blind Pig in Ann Arbor. In that small, sweaty space a couple hundred unsuspecting students and Ann Arborites lost their hearts to the band’s reverberant beats and bizarre lyrical creativity just a mere few days before they won the United Kingdom’s Barclaycard[...]

What to Wear: Dress to Impress

  Why not accompany your resume with a professional outfit? Whether you’ve just landed an interview with the company of your dreams, are attending a job fair, or have any other occasion where you need to dress to impress, here's a few tips on how to look professional, put together, and confident. A Blazer is a Must: There is something about the bo[...]

Life on the Upswing

One thing you learn when studying entrepreneurship is the importance of supply and demand. When creating a product or service, an entrepreneur must understand that his creation will really only be a success if there are people out in the world who need whatever it is he is creating. Recent University of Michigan graduate Austin Waldo applies these principles[...]

A Tailored Opinion: So Anne Hathaway is trying to make a comeback?

It is no secret that the key to being somebody in Hollywood is likability. After all, what use are good looks and talent if the simple mention of your name leaves people cringing in hatred? Anne Hathaway was once considered America’s sweetheart and the Princess of Genovia, so what went wrong? It is not as if she started out being completely unlikeabl[...]

Live Review: The Glitch Mob at Royal Oak Music Theatre

It was only Wednesday night, yet if you made your way through Royal Oak Music Theatre, it was impossible not to notice the mass of excited fans of The Glitch Mob. Surrounded by people with kandi bracelets up to their elbows, others with LED gloves, and some donning furry spirit hoods, the hype that sounded this electronic music group was evident. Chro[...]