Founded in 1999, SHEI Magazine is a global arts, design, pop-culture, and fashion magazine produced
by University of Michigan students in collaboration with members of the Ann Arbor community.
SHEI works with a team of remarkably talented student journalists, photographers, stylists, and
graphic designers.
Since May of 2009, SHEI Magazine has brought daily updates through our website to compliment the
semi-annual publication of our print edition. Well known for our annual launch party and fashion
show, SHEIFest, we host several other events throughout the year with an emphasis on popular arts
and charity functions.

For further inquiries, e-mail our team at We welcome you to explore our
site, and thank you for taking the time to learn about SHEI!

SHEI offers both online and print advertising opportunities. For further information, please contact
our PR directors at


Anna Fuller

Creative Director
Mary Molepske

Business Director
Danni Xia

Brand Development Director
Lexie Miedema

Features Editors
Miriam Akervall & Jilly Richman

Literature Web Editor 
Jasmine McNenny

Photography Editors
Melissa Freeland & Alex Holmes

Photography Web Editor
Paige Comrie

Fashion Editors
Aaron Pelo & Sola Muno

Fashion Web Editor
Zoha Momin

Graphic Design Editors
Lexie Johnson & Bianca Ng

Public Relations
Olivia Cottrell & Kirsten Ho

Shannon King

Samantha Zwick

Alice Shang