Tine Furre, styled by Orlando Pita for NY Times Style Mag for the "Easter Bonnets" spread / Richard Burbridge

Spring is most definitely here. While Ann Arbor has gone through a typically bizarre few months (high 70s, in March?), it has leveled off as best it can. The sun shines most days and we’ve reached jacket-optional weather. Yet such weather begets spring fashion, and spring fashion (to the chagrin of the more adventurous) begets an allegiance to pastels. And while we’ve yet to see it in practice and on the streets, the New York Times Style Magazine and the ever-in-tune Nylon are both sounding the alarm on a pastel hair trend.

Coloring your hair an unnatural hue is far from a new phenomenon, though it’s recently received the stamp of approval from (high?) society it previously lacked. Celebrity hair stylists report growing demands for pastels – cotton candy pink being, unsurprisingly, the favorite – and the runways – championed by perennially pink Charlotte Free –  reflected the fad as well.

We’re told the key to creating your own “Easter bonnet” is a light base, meaning anyone not a naturally fair blonde will need to bleach their hair before exploring any number of pastel dyes.

Lavender? Aqua? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

All photos are from the NY Times Style Magazine spread, “Easter Bonnets.” Photos by Richard Burbridge, fashion editor Sara Moonves and hair by Orlando Pita for Orlo Salon.