YSL Boutique in Beverly Hills. Photo by Infratec/Wikimedia Commons.

Now that grades are posted and the dorms are closed, Winter Semester has officially come to an end. Whether you are spending the next few months in Ann Arbor, traveling abroad, or interning in a major city, make sure you keep up with SHEI! With the stress of finals and the end of the academic year as nothing more than a distant memory, hopefully you have a chance to relax. Take this time as opportunity to do the things you love. What’s a better place to start than browsing your favorite fashion and culture blogs? To kick of a great summer, check out some of our favorite articles and posts around the blogosphere!

Transitioning from the proverbial ivory towers of academia to the real world can be rough (even if it is just for four months). However, imagine what it would be like to leave the world of high fashion to pursue a vastly different artistic vision. That’s exactly what Helmut Lang did in 2004. Read the New York Times article, “Helmut Lang Prepares an Art Exhibition” to find out how the designer transitioned from fashion house to art gallery.

Fashionista has the best slideshows featuring the diverse highs (and lows) of the fashion world. If you want to take a look at both fashion “do’s” and “don’ts” try these two posts, “The Top 10 Prada Red Carpet Looks” and “Step Away From the Feathers: 10 Coachella Looks that Need to Die“. The first chronicles the unique and beautiful designs of Miuccia Prada (just in time for the MET exhibition featuring the designer), while the second delves into the strange and surreal trends showcased this year at the Coachella Music festival.

If you are interested in both fashion and law, you might want to check out NY Mag’s analysis of the legal dispute between Christian Louboutin and YSL over the former’s trademark red soled shoes. What do you think about the case? Should Louboutin be able to obtain a trademark for something as broad and simple as a red sole? Is YSL’s use of a similar red sole intellectual property infringement? What do the experts think?

Finally, no scouring of the fashion blogosphere is complete without a trip to The Sartorialist. For some inspiration on what to wear now that the weather is getting warmer, look no further than this website, which features the most fashionable people on the streets in cities all around the world.