Rusko lives a wild lifestyle.  In February 2012, Rusko hit 24 colleges in 27 days with unreal perseverance.  Rusko is no regular; he’s a “Cockney thug” who never fails to entertain. As much a participant in as a creator of his ragers, Rusko dances around the booth with just as much energy as his raving crowds.

On February 22, Rusko came to Ann Arbor to put on a show in the midst of midterms for University of Michigan students at Necto Nightclub, home to glow sticks, laser lights, and spandex. Within moments of the first drop, Rusko’s crowd was dancing relentlessly. The audience paused for a moment while Rusko mixed in DMX’s hip-hop throwback, “Party Up.”  Lasers pulsed in the background. From the upper level, hands looked like beams of light rippling across water as Rusko plays “Everyday. ”

Rusko continued to kill it with “Somebody to Love,” “Woo Boost,” and “Hold On,” while also mixing “Hot Right Now” by Rita Ora and “Watch Out” by Doctor P. Rusko added in a quick bit of carnival music, which while absolutely ridiculous, fit fine at an anything-goes dubstep concert.

Paige Comrie / SHEI Magazine

Rusko ended the show with his filthy new song, “Blow Your Whistle” from the unreleased album Songs that will be released on March 27. With his college tour coming to an end, Rusko will not even consider taking a break and is appearing in Avon, CO this weekend for Snowball Music Festival.