Life truly is a journey. Six months ago I was entering into my junior year in Ann Arbor, and now I am writing from Paris. You may be wondering, how does a girl transition from suburban Michigan to one of the greatest cities in the world? I ask myself the same question as I take my daily metro commute from point A to point B while overhearing French conversations I simply do not understand. It hasn’t quite sunken in yet that I will be living in Paris for a full four months. I still feel like a tourist as I pull out my Paris Pratique handy map every five minutes with the words “I’m a lost American who can’t read maps” stamped on my forehead. The fact that I entered this country knowing about three French words does not help either. However, despite my lack of an extensive French vocabulary and my rudimentary way with maps, I feel that my experience here will be an unforgettable one and I am ready to dive in and begin another chapter in my life.

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