If you’re a girl, you’ve probably experienced or at least heard of the magic that is the Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Bra. If you’re a boy, well I’m sorry to hear that the busty blonde nurse you picked up on Halloweekend was more of a Kate Hudson rather than the Pamela Anderson you were hoping for. In case you didn’t know, the miracle that lies in the Bombshell is quite simple: Two full cup sizes, a hell of a lot of padding, and voila – you can go from mosquito bites to milk jugs with an easy $50.

And for those creeper boyfriends/husbands out there that shop for their significant others at Victoria’s Secret, holiday shopping  just became even better (I am not even going to start on the demographic that DVRs Victoria’s Secret fashion shows to gawk at the girls- no pun intended). Now you can combine the breast implant with diamonds in the new Bombshell Fantasy bra. That’s right, apparently miracles can be upgraded to fantasies with the help of 142 carats of white diamonds, topazes and sapphires. The price tag? 2 million dollars. At least she won’t lose it clasped around her girl s- can’t say the same about the stock market. So I say, if you’ve got the dough, this is definitely a sound investment.

Two cup sizes, 142 carats, 2 million dollars. Just another day in the life of Adriana Lima.

On the other hand, if you don’t have a cool $2 million laying around waiting to be invested, no worries – Victoria has got you covered. You can still give her the stars (or get them yourself) with the Bombshell embellished with pink iridescent Swarovski Elements, for $250. There is even a v-string to match- for $50. Better hurry, this stuff is limited edition and the holidays are right around the corner.

2 cup sizes, pink Swarovski Elements, $250. Hey random girl in matching v-string, 8000 of your bra is equal to 1 of Adriana's.

Photos from Victoria’s Secret.com