You’ve probably already read the latest guides to flying – popular at this time of year (even SHEI’s done them in the past and more recently).  But there’s a whole lot more to flying and holiday travel.

Current Events & Pop Culture:

“Don’t Touch My Junk” becomes the new mantra for those pulled aside from security lines for TSA pat-downs. If you hadn’t heard the term yet, check out this Op-Ed from The Washington Post.

Jezebel explains what being groped by strangers – even if it’s in the name of “national security” and done by an idiot in a uniform – means to men, women, and sexual assault survivors.

Lewis Black also weighed in the “Don’t Touch My Junk” phenomenon during his “Back in Black” segment on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

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Local travel app company, Mobiata, will be purchased by online travel giant, Expedia. Read more at Business Weekly.

Get your hopes up – NASA’s exploring the development of “a personal flying suit” currently called The Puffin.


Airline food sucks – and here’s why, from

Fashion & Design:

Check out which airlines dress their employees the most stylishly.

See how you can dress more stylishly for the TSA employees.

See how other airlines brand their “flight experience” from

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